Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Other Cheek

It took my lovely wife to remind me of one of the longest standing rules which I adhear to. Just another reason why I love her so.

I rarely, and by rarely I mean NEVER, get worked up. Yet there I was last night with an itchy trigger finger sitting on the publish button. I felt I had been wronged. No, I had been wronged and my blood was boiling. So, I grabbed my laptop and penned a beautiful post. Ok, truthfully it was well written, but certainly not beautiful. Topics such as what I was covering never are.

She chimed in. "Give it a day, Sweets. Think about why you want to publish this, and if you still feel like it is necessary tomorrow, let it fly. Just think of the example we, as parents, want to set for Lukas."

As much as I wanted to ignore her, it was obvious that she was right. No surprise. She nearly always is. I decided that yes, I would sleep on it. Give it until today before deciding the fate of the post. Upon waking it was crystal clear that her advice was as valid for me as it is for those whom I often give it to. Though I hadn't writen anything I would later regret, this was not something I would have wanted my son to see some day.

So, just like that I deleted it without regret. And feel much better for not publishing. None of us are perfect. Therefore it is helpful, especially when the going gets tough, to have someone you love close by to remind you when to live by your very own values.


Eric said...

hey man i need your email!

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you're blog is mentioned!

Craig Playstead said...

Done this three times -- all about the same subject. However, sometimes you do need to let one fly!

Great blog.


Lady Mama said...

Absolutely - so important to have someone there to remind you what's important (and what's not). Often my husband is the one I rely on for some real perspective.

Surfer Jay said...

Dam, and I was so looking forward to a nice lashing.

SciFi Dad said...

Personally, I'd prefer to see "Angry James". It makes you more human. We're not all happy all the time.

James (SeattleDad) said...

@Eric - Thanks. I loved the article. Glad you included me in your list.

@Craig - Thanks. I will have to let a future one fly. This one was a bit too personal for public consumption.

@Lady Mama - So true. It is comforting to have that other person there to give you perspective.

@Scifi Dad - We've talked. I am sure you understand on this one. Thanks again for the other suggestions.